Custom Designed shoes 
Special shoe paint on canvas shoes. 
All sizes are possible. We use US, EU, Uk & IN size chart.

Shoes are custom designed using High grade shoe colors. We use a special textile paint designed to be flexible on fabric. The paint is water resistance and fade proof.

The photos represent 100% of the real product, given that the shoe is custom designed,

Our products are entirely made in India. 

How to wash your shoes:
Do not brush paints heavily or use any type of bleach,
it is possible to use a wet towel with common detergents.
Keep the shoes away from high temperatures and a long time in direct sunlight.

How to Measure Feet Length
Please measure your feet length carefully ,with the method of the picture:

Badhuche Custom hand painted shoes featuring bright and fresh colors with amazing artwork design. These shoes are highly detailed with design spanning from one show to the other. The colors are bold and vibrant. All sizes in stock of this series for Women’s/Girls.

One pair of Badhuche shoes

Disclaimer – Each order is meant to be a one of a kind original work of art. Shoes are fully functional, wearable art, but as with any shoe, care should be taken to ensure keeping them in good condition.  For more info view FAQ’s page.

Will the paint wash off?
No, it is a permanent bond with the shoe. Its waterproof as much as the base shoe was.  If you get caught in the rain, no worries.

How do we care for my customs?
In real the world things happen, food and drinks get spilled. How do you clean and not ruin your customs? The best proven method is if your able to, use a gentle foam cleaner, such as Angelus Brand Foam-tex and a microfiber cloth. For on the go accidents or just general dirt/dust warm water on a soft cloth will work just fine.  Never through them in a washing machine, never mow your yard in them, use common sense and you’ll be just fine.

A longtime artist, we can do custom artwork as well. So if you have a specific design you need, please convo me to discuss. Some ideas for changes could be black instead of white soles/laces. Different color gradients.